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This unit converts wind energy into electrical energy. Runs Day & Night, Rain or Shine, capable of utilizing both very weak and very strong winds for maximum clean and renewable energy output.

The COMMERCIAL Fanturbine's


  • It can generate enough power for your business.
  • It has the lowest investment to the annual kWh output in the industry.
  • Startup wind is 3X less than any other technology, it starts operation with only 1mph wind.
  • 2X the current power generated by best latest’s technology.
  • It is for high commercial applications.
  • It is ideal for on and off grid applications.
  • It complements solar panel power production.

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The Traditional Wind Turbine vs The FanTurbine


  • The BLADES!
  • We have Broken Betz’s Law.
  • Conventional Wind Turbines only have an efficiency of only 30% at most.
  • The FanTurbine has an efficiency of 80%+
  • The FanTurbine uses PATENTED Composite Material Blades….
    …..that have 19 Times more Surface Area than the Traditional 3  Wind Turbines.

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