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WE WORLD™ Energy Magnatron™ Generator

WE World™ Energy is Announcing the World’s First Fuel-Free Generator.
The Fuel-Free Magnatron Generator actually produces electricity from the speed and power of its Magnetic Mechanical Forces.

It is truly a revolutionary discovery. Most people would call it as a Game- Changer

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The Magnatron's

Key Product & leasing DETAILS 

  • REMOTE ANALYTICS for Consistent Monitoring
  • A 100 kWh generator will produce 72,000 kWh each month.
  • WE World Energy will guarantee power production.
  • As a Customer, you will pay a $4,950 monthly equipment lease for each 100 kWh generator (installed with no upfront cost)
  • $4,950 yields 72,000 kWh = 6.875 cents per Kilowatt hour (with no escalation)
  • Simple 1-page application with 24-hour approval, to qualify for our Pre-Order Program and to lock-in your price for energy.

Interested in leasing a magnatron generator or becoming a WE WORLD Energy distributor?

WE World Energy is now accepting names and applications from prospective Independent Distributors. Due to the demand for Magnatron Units, Distributorships may be limited. Use the Magnatron Inquiry Form to get on our list.

Multiple Sizes Available 

WE World Magnatron Generators  will be available
in 3 sizes: 100kWh / 250kWh / 500kWh

Combining Multiple Units  

WE World Magnatron Generators can be combined in multiple units to achieve an even greater higher electricity output.

For example, a 2-Megawatt system installation will consist of (4) – 500kWh  Units.

There is no limit on the number of units that can be installed in any particular location. The WE World Magnatron Generators are Scalable to meet your needs.

WE World Energy is a Global Leader in breakthrough
Water & Energy Technologies.
For Information regarding WE World Energy, contact us below.

Key Markets for the magnatron generator

EZ - Energy Savings Program 

Exclusively from WE World Energy


WE World Energy Magnatron Units are available for virtually all sizes of commercial businesses.

All Units are leased and are installed by WE World Energy, so there is NO capital investment required.

(Subject to Approval and Availability)  Use the Inquiry Form Below.


WE World Energy Magnatron Units are being installed in hotels that will feature and promote the units to Business Guests.

There is NO capital investment required.

Hotel Operators should contact us immediately to get on our Pre-Order List.

Use the Inquiry Form Below.


If you tell us your energy needs,
WE World Energy can prepare a Magnatron System Proposal for you.
Remember, there is NO Capital Investment. All UNITS are leased to your company. (Subject to Approval and Availability)
Use the Inquiry Form Below.

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Contact Details

Whether you are interested in more information, leasing a unit or becoming a WE  World Energy Distributor,  please fill out the MAGNATRON Inquiry Form.  One of our representatives will contact you.

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