• The most advanced breakthrough patented technology that generates pure glacier water anywhere and anytime at a fraction of the cost.
  • WE make water out of thin air.
  • WE clean polluted water for Industry and Individuals.
  • WE Solve emergency water problems in Catastrophic Situations.

The WE Initiative is Bringing Clean Water to the World.

Global  Water Crisis

The WATER CRISIS in the World is Real. Each year, more people die from water-borne illnesses than all other diseases combined, including cancer, heart disease, and even Covid.
WE are on a mission to solve this problem by providing FREE WE Water Harvester Machines to every community in need each time we sell a WE Energy System.
This one initiative can save millions of lives! Join us in a Strategic Alliance to change the World for the Better.
WE REV Water

ROC System 

ROC Commercial and Industrial Water purification system

We tackle some of the toughest water clean-up projects, including areas around oils wells and the Canadian Tar Sands Project.

Now we are seeking to do utility-scale water purification projects for cities and countries around the world.


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The WE World Water Harvester extracts water vapor from the ambient air to generate up to 70,000 liters of pure glacier water per month.

Imagine what these units can do for a community that has no running water. Or, where underserved residents have to drink from polluted streams.

The WE World Water Harvester is a game-changer and a life-saver!
It is an integral part of our commitment to Solve the World’s Water Crisis!

The Clean SIP straw  

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About The Clean SIP Straw​